December 31, 2012




I have a great feeling about 2013! I think we are all going to see big, elevating shifts. I believe we are on the cusp and anything is possible. Anything. So please take time to get clear about what you want to happen. What you really want. Now. Right now.

I’m not talking about who you used to be or what you used to want or half-hearted desires. I’m not talking about what they expect you to do or be or have. What outcome will thrill you? What do you want so badly that you would do anything to manifest it? If only one grand-wow thing could come forth in 2013, what would you choose?

Write it down. Visualize it happening. Feel how amazing you are going to feel when it happens. And most importantly, believe it. I mean really, really believe you are ready to receive it, ready to have it, be it, do it.

You know enough, you are enough, you’ve been through enough. 

If you know what you really want, you are way further along than most people. Sadly, oftentimes, people zone out to their true desires and want what other people have or focus on what they don’t want or can’t decide because of too many options. So, if you firmly know what you want, dear, it is time to commit to it. Commit and take whatever steps you can now and each day until that grand-wow wish becomes your reality.

For the last several years, it has become my tradition to choose a word of the year. I want to take a moment and thank FUN for all that she brought me in 2012. Come 1/1/13, I invite FREEDOM into my life.

~ Freedom from fear: I choose confident-thinking. I choose abundant-thinking. I choose positive-thinking. I stay the course anyway, in spite of Fear and any of his cohorts. I know that my deliberate action shrinks fear and I focus my attention on appreciating the best of what-is now and what-is to come.

~ Freedom from indecision: I make my decisions from my highest perspective, from where and who I want to be, from my B.E.S.T.

~ Freedom from energy-wasting thoughts and deeds: I know what thoughts and activities strengthen me and I build my days with them.

~ Freedom from time-sucks: I make the most of my time by doing what keeps me learning and enjoying life and my loved ones

~ Freedom to flourish doing the work I love.

~ Freedom to travel to visit friends and family afar.

~ Freedom to create our home in a beautiful and inspiring and organized and light-filled way.

~ Freedom to live and love expansively and wholeheartedly.

If choosing a Word of the Year is a new concept for you and you want a little help, ask yourself these questions:

What word would inspire me the most to stay on track of my goal(s)?

What word energizes me?

What word am I most attracted to right now?

What word makes me say YES!?

 Once you choose a Word, you may want to take a few moments to list what your Word means to you, how it can be a beacon and how it can tie you to your biggest wish for 2013. I like to write statements in present tense. It holds more power.

Happy New Year!! May your 2013 be one of health, wealth, joy, and love!

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