January 7, 2013

Refresh, Reorganize, Rejuvenate

Hello dear heart!


Let it be known that I’m not an expert on organizing and tidiness. My home isn’t a picture of ultra-efficiency and spotlessness. However, I have learned that we all have a certain amount of energy each day and that our environment can drain that energy. Do you ever think to yourself, if only I had more energy????

Where would you suspect your energy is depleting? At work? Taking care of the family? Household chores?  Those activities certainly take up a great amount of your energy but also you may have places in your environment that drain you and you may not realize it is happening.

The good news is once you become mindful of the potential energy-deplete you can do something about it!   Disorganized items, incomplete projects, uninspiring objects, repairs, and unneeded clutter can bring your energy levels down and often waste your time.

As you are made of energy, things around you hold energy too. Negative, positive, or stagnant energy. Do you want to be surrounded with vibrant, life-affirming energy? You can!

The following examples and tips may not apply to you as stated but hopefully they will spark some thought on how you can apply these concepts to your life so that you can remove the energy-depletes and make space for more energy, ease, and joy!

Take a notepad with you through your day and write down anything that frustrates you, drags you down, or that needs to get done. Can’t find your checkbook, your car has needed an oil change for over a month, the shingles are loose on your roof, you need to go to the dentist, you keep tripping over that old armoire.

Are there misplaced objects you often find yourself looking for such as your glasses or car keys? Try designating a spot for those items and then, form a habit of placing them there.

Is your sock drawer a mess? Do you spend five minutes looking for a match every morning? Try buying all the same style and colors. Throw away the strays and give away or get rid of the ones you’ll never wear.

What about your make-up drawer? I used to waste so much time each morning sifting through a pile of products until I bought a bamboo utensil divider where I organized my lipsticks in one section, mascara and eye-liners in one section, base and highlighter in another section, and brush/comb in another. I have small, plastic crates for each: hair products, lotions, medicine/bandaids, and nail products. Placing similar things together in the place you most use them saves you time and frustration =  more happy energy!

Go through your house, one drawer, closet, room at a time and throw away or give away everything that has no meaning or value or sentiment to you. Keeping it just in case or because someone gave it to you no longer serves you, if you really don’t use it or care about it. Anything that has old, tired, or negative energy and memories attached to it, let it go. For example, if you have something your ex gave you that brings back a painful time or makes you feel quietly angry, get rid of it, even if it works just fine.

 If you don’t feel a resounding “YES! I love it/I need it,” then it is a no and can go.

 Think about why you are holding on to certain items. Is it due to fear that you won’t have the means to replace them? That fearful energy holds you back. It tells the universe that you don’t believe in your own power for creating or your own worth for deserving more. When you release clothing items, furniture, kitchen products, etc. you create positive space for the universe to fill in with things aligned with your abundant vibration.

What about your e-mail inbox? When is the last time you unsubscribed to the stores or companies you no longer are interested in or that no longer add value to your life? Take a few minutes and unsubscribe to those e-mails you get that are always an automatic delete or that mentally or emotionally drag you down, even if a little bit.

You might want to add a few new ones that are inspirational. I enjoy emails from TUT, Abraham-Hicks, Daily Om, and Daily Word.

Another great time+energy saver is to complete any task you can do in a minute or less. Go ahead and do it when you first have the chance. Put up the peanut butter jar, reload the toilet paper holder, hang up your coat, throw away the junk mail as it comes to you, and load dirty dishes as you use them. Teach your spouse and children or roommate this trick too and you will be amazed how much tidier your home can be.

Wishing you much ease and joy,


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