January 21, 2013

Spiritual Alignment

my back

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Today’s topic of discussion has been directly influenced by a recent incident in my life. I injured my back this week when playing a fierce game of rugby (not really but it sounds much cooler and more interesting than what actually happened.) In doing so, I’ve been thinking a great deal about proper posture, body mechanics, relaxation, and spinal alignment. It has forced me to slow down and become mindful of every single movement I make. I’ve taken extra care of myself by accepting help, using warm soaks, ice massages, heating pads, & energy cleansing, and sending Light and Love. I have faith that this is temporary and that my body always knows what to do to heal herself.

As you may know, the spinal column is the framework for your body. When you sit with erect posture the weight is disturbed evenly and effectively. In contrast, when you assume slumped or contorted positions, you place increased force along certain vertebrae. Overtime, it can lead to breakdown, arthritic changes, and/or pain. Like the spine best functions with proper alignment so does your Spirit.

To me, spiritual alignment means you show up in the world with integrity, authenticity, honesty, stability, and dependability. 

I think you instinctively know when you aren’t in alignment. However, you may not always know why. Something feels off. Perhaps you may be more testy and frustrated than usual. You may feel unhappy or stuck. You may curse or complain more and perhaps consume more foods that do not nourish you.

So what do you do to feel aligned?

 Tips and Insights:

1. Investigate. Are your behaviors congruent with your values? Do you wear, say, and act how you choose? OR do you hold back because of your concern about what others might say or think? Are you true to yourself? OR are your choices based on what makes someone else happy or to spare someone else’s disappointment? Is your life designed with your empowered choices or default passivity?

When you construct your life by copying someone else’s life or by “should-ing” yourself into playing small or to meet another person’s expectations, you will never be fully satisfied. Life cannot be fulfilling and you will not reach alignment unless you learn to listen to your own intuition and follow your own bliss. YOUR bliss. Not anyone else’s. YOURS.

2. Craft your ideal average day. Write it down, every delicious detail. What do you really want? How does your day look? How does it feel? How would you spend your time? Where would you be? Who else is there? What are you doing? Is your ideal day close to how you live your average day now? If not, what do you need to change to bring your “dream day” into reality?

I want you to think about what is possible now. Let’s say, for example, you are tired of your uninspiring day job and you want to cut back your hours in order to have more time to be creative and more energy to enjoy your family and friends. On the outset you may claim there is no way you could work less and still pay the bills.

I suggest you explore all possibilities. The universe is an abundant supplier and Divine Within will deliver the ideas. Your job is to openly listen and take deliberate steps.

Maybe you sell your car for a cheaper one without a monthly payment. Maybe you refinance your home with a lower interest rate or scale down now. Maybe you trim your bills where you can. Maybe you supplement your income doing a job you love that perhaps pays less but fulfills you more.

If you have limiting beliefs that declare, “you can’t make a living doing what you love or that work is supposed to be difficult and draining” remove and destroy them now! People make their dreams true every day and you are made of the same magic as everyone else who has ever achieved anything remarkable. The first block is your own. Remove it and proceed doing what you can now. The rest will unfold before you.

Remember: the universe rewards brave action.


Tracey ♡

~Free Yourself and Embrace Your Power~



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